Why would I choose your company over my current provider? I’ve had this pool service for years and they do an adequate job.

Modern Watershapes is not concerned with being adequate or just getting the basics done. We are full service company that is licensed, bonded and insured and we take great pride in our communication with customers. One of the biggest problems in our industry is that the standard is extremely low for quality service. Just because your current pool service provider is keeping the pool free of debris does not mean they are doing what is best for the pool and for the client.

Chemistry and equipment operation are key to the life of a pool. If you don’t have someone who is professionally trained in these areas then what you truly have is a “pool guy” and not a “professional.” We understand that people have a relationship and loyalty to their long time service providers, but the client needs to make the decision as to what is more important — that relationship or the integrity of the pool, the systems running the pool, and your water environment. Our clients are loyal and we respect the long term relationships with our customers but we also deliver a quality service first.